Friday, August 24, 2007

Baras lays more wood

Over at the Examiner Jonetta Rose Barras lays more wood to DCPS.
Repeat after me: The D.C. Public Schools is not an employment agency; nor is it an arm of the Washington Teachers Union or the Council of School Officers. DCPS is a $1 billion service-delivery corporation designed to provide the highest-quality education to youth in the nation's capital.

If this message isn't conveyed to elected officials, including Mayor Adrian Fenty and D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, by concerned parents and education advocates swiftly, strongly, the city is headed for another expensive deck chair-rearranging experience - not unlike those of the past decade.
Ever since it was reported that when Carl Cohn told then Mayor Williams that one of the first things he would do as superintendent (the position he was being interviewed for) was cut the dead wood out of the DCPS central office the Mayor replied that it was out of the question I knew that when push came to shove the powers that be valued DCPS's ability to be a employer of city residents more than it valued it as an institution of learning. Until that changes, nothing else will.

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