Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bloviating about HVAC

Okay, this is just dopey. New DCPS Chancellor Rhee was a guest on Friday's edition of Mark Plotkin's The Politics Program on Washington Post Radio (the audio isn't available yet. When it is it can be found here). When the topic of the school system's various facilities problems came up the following exchange took place:
When WTOP's Mark Segraves asked Rhee if she would turn off the air conditioning in her office and have principals turn their air conditioning off until every student has air conditioning in their classroom, Rhee responded:

"I'm a step ahead of you. I actually looked into this with our facilities people and was trying to find out whether we could turn the air conditioning off on the first day at 825 N. Capitol Street. They told me that they couldn't, because we only occupy a few floors of the building and they can't turn it off...but I think we're going to see if we can figure out a way around that."
Yes, the "we'll suffer until everything is hunky dory" makes for a great soundbite, but how about just going about fixing the problem. Instead of spending time and resources trying to figure out how to turn part of 825 N. Capitol Street into a sauna for the sake of political theatre how about directing those resources to, you know, fixing the root problem.

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