Sunday, August 19, 2007

The BoE were asleep at the wheel

The DC Board of Education have made it clear that they don't approve of their diminished responsibility under Mayor Fenty's new school initiative, but having read the Washington Post's post-mortem of the Belton case it becomes apparent that diminished responsibility is exactly what they deserve.
Even when a school employee warned board members in spring 2006 that something was amiss about the invoices Belton was approving, a divided D.C. Board of Education initially dismissed the report as unsubstantiated grousing rather than fire Belton.

So the whistleblower employee took his concerns to the D.C. inspector general, who, along with the FBI, got a search warrant for Belton's home and office. The red flags he spotted -- noting, for example, that Belton rarely showed up for work -- eventually formed the crux of a federal criminal investigation that led to Belton pleading guilty Aug. 9 to four felonies and facing significant prison time.
Read the whole thing; it really is quite depressing.

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