Friday, August 24, 2007

Freddie Mac Foundation Commits $1.1 Million More to Provide Services at D.C.'S JC Nalle Community School

WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Freddie Mac
Foundation today announced a $1.1 million grant over the next 18 months to
provide further support to JC Nalle Community School. A decade ago, the
Foundation committed to helping transform the southeast D.C. elementary
into a full- service community school, offering a full-range of integrated
services that children and families need. This grant to the National Center
for Children and Families (NCCF) will continue and enhance the community
school programming, which includes extended day, summer enrichment,
Saturday school, mental and health services, and a parent university.
"Many more JC Nalle children are -- and will be -- beating the odds and
becoming successful students and citizens. Their success is the community's
success, and we are thrilled to be partners in their futures," said Ralph
F. Boyd, Jr., chairman, Freddie Mac Foundation. "The community school model
works -- ensuring that children benefit from collaboration between the
school system, nonprofits, and private enterprise."
"JC Nalle Community School is a model that shows great promise. I am
excited to see that our children are benefiting from this partnership.
Although many challenges lie ahead of us in improving education for D.C.
school children, I look forward to working closely with the Freddie Mac
Foundation and NCCF to ensure that this model helps more children reach
their full potential," said Chancellor Michelle Rhee, D.C. Public Schools.
Based on the Children's Aid Society community school model, the JC
Nalle Community School is a partnership between NCCF, D.C. Public Schools
and the Freddie Mac Foundation. With Foundation support, NCCF leads the
effort to coordinate community school programs. NCCF staff work alongside
JC Nalle teachers, administrators, and parents to create innovative
programs and bring needed services on site.

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