Saturday, August 18, 2007

SunRise Academy founder sentenced in theft case

Charles Emor, the founder of the SunRise Academy, was sentenced today for his role in a computer theft ring. Emor, whose school is funded by DCPS to teach mentally and emotionally disturbed student, will be heading to jail for a year for purchasing computers that were stolen from a Gateway loading dock in Virginia.
Charles Emor asked for a five-minute recess before telling U.S. District Judge James Robertson that he regretted buying dozens of computers stolen from a Gateway loading dock in Hampton, Va.

“I apologize to the community,” Emor said. “I knew better.”

Emor said he was hoping to avoid prison time for his role in the theft ring and pointed to his founding of the SunRise Academy, a publicly funded school that teaches up to 160 mentally and emotionally disturbed young men and boys from the public schools.

But Robertson was unmoved. He told Emor that his relationship with SunRise made his crime worse because he was putting himself out as a role model.


Anonymous said...

This man knew exactly what he was doing and risking by buying stolen computers. Next he will be playing the race card that people are targeting him cause he is a black man trying to make a difference. He is a criminal and he deserves jail time. He is a pathological liar as well. He is lying to a wonderful lady in africa that he is 37 years old and that he is rich.

Anonymous said...

He is a horrible man. He treats people badly and lies incessantly. He uses people and preys on ignorance and stupidity. He is a heartless, hopeless, miserable person who uses children who receive special education services for his own profitable gain. Hopefully justice will be served!

Anonymous said...

is this story dead now, is he now married to the wonderful lady in africa? there must be something bigger here, is he not from liberia or cameroun or something of the sort? has he done his time?

Anonymous said...

chrles emor he is a devil!!!! he brought a lot of young ladies from africa and he used them sexually... 2 of these ladies are still working there and both of them are pregnant from him , he gives them sunrise money and he treated the other girls... and nobody could say anything!! this gay deserve more then 1 year of jail!he treat all his stuff very bad and don t pay them them hours! can somebody do something please?!!

Anon said...

I would like to say that it took a very long time for justice to be serve to this so- called man. I also agree very much with what others have said about him on the blog, he is a pathological liar, and he did use the funds of special needs children to his own interest and for the interest of these children. Also I would like to mentation that my son attended SunRise when it was a respectable school and Mama Makini made sure that the children were recieveing there services, teachers were teaching on the level of the child, and therapist was doing there job. Mama Makini also did workshops to help the person to help there child or children. After she left the school went to hell because you had a person who didn't give a damn versus some one that really cared runing the school. By the way I did pull my child after the trouble hit the school and Mama Makini left. Please do not get me wrong the teachers and staff were great but he would not give them supplies needed to help the children and it made teaching very hard for them. In closing I would like to say that what goes around comes around, and that every dog has its day! And if MaMa Makini goes back without Emor having any dealings with the school I would glad let my child return. So Emor you was so disrepectful to staff, parents, and students I would love to know how your mouth is running now that you are in jail. Who are you saying looks like a monkey now!