Friday, August 24, 2007

Textbook issue may not be as bad as feared

It appears that the communication between the District's public schools and the schools isn't all it could be. While Chancellor Rhee and Mayor Fenty have been talking up the textbook shortage and the effort they're putting into fixing it many school principals who were contacted by the Washington Post are claiming that they have all of the textbooks that they need.
Although some were waiting for a handful of books, often extra copies, many principals called this the smoothest delivery in years. Nearly 400,000 new textbooks were delivered in May -- weeks early -- after Clifford B. Janey overhauled the way the system orders books when he was superintendent.

"We got them so early this year, we were a little mind-blown," said Principal Veda Usilton at Garnet-Patterson Middle School.

Principal Shirley Jones of Meyer Elementary School said, "This has been the best year."

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