Wednesday, September 05, 2007

20% of DCPS students MIA last Wednesday?

According to the Times 20% of the students registered at District public schools were absent last Wednesday.
Many students who had enrolled were not present because they had not registered for classes, Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee said last night. It was not clear yesterday how much of the attendance problem was due to students who had not registered on time and how much was due to students who didn't show up for other reasons.

"I think we can improve attendance overall," Mrs. Rhee said. "Attendance is something we can definitely work on."

Records show that about 10,000 of the 51,000 students enrolled Tuesday at 141 schools did not report to classes. Mafara Hobson, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Rhee, said Tuesday's preliminary enrollment number was 50,542, but only 40,821 of those students reported to school.
fwinstead at NowPublic has a page with more details.

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