Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gist says turnaround will take five years

New state superintendent for schools Deborah A. Gist believes that the turnaround of DCPS will take up to five years.
"People are going to see results right away," Gist said Monday. "But I think for system wide change, it's more along the three to five year range ... In three to five years, at a minimum, we have a good proportion on world-class schools. What we have now is 22 schools in their first year of restructuring. Well, there’s not another school to choose. And that's a real problem."
As much as I would like to see everything fixed overnight, at least the powers that be are being honest about what can be fixed when. Lets just hope that the current administration keeps the same level of intensity on change over the next 59 months as they have the previous one.

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