Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DCPS paying for unneeded services

Another day, another "scathing" report.
he District of Columbia will spend nearly $137 million in fiscal 2008 to send about 2,000 children to outside schools for special education services they may not need, a scathing draft report by an independent research group has determined.

When the high cost of transporting the children is factored in, D.C. will spend about $82,000 per child, an “especially excessive” amount on its face, the American Institutes for Research concluded in its study of D.C.’s stricken special education system.

A draft of the report, which won’t be made public until later this month, was obtained by The Examiner.

The report also raises the disturbing possibility that many of the students in those outside schools shouldn’t be there.
A somewhat related, and far scarier story here.

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