Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Student assulted, marked with "KKK" at deaf school

An ugly incident took place this weekend at a deaf high school associated with Gallaudet University.
A weekend incident with racial overtones at a high school for deaf students could result in criminal charges with "enhanced penalties for a hate crime," Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Wednesday.

A black student was held against his will and then released with "KKK" and swastikas drawn on him in marker at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf on Sunday, she said.

No charges have been filed, and no names have been released, Lanier said.

The incident began when a group of black students and a group of white students were in a dorm. "My understanding is the two groups engaged in friendly horseplay," she said.

But, she said, the groups got "angry with each other."

The two groups separated, she said, but later, six white students and one black student -- all between the ages of 15 and 19 -- took one of the black students into a dorm room and "held him there against his will."

"They used markers to write 'KKK' and draw swastikas on the student," Lanier said.

The student was released after about 45 minutes. He notified dorm and school authorities, who called police.

Lanier said police have identified and interviewed the students involved and the "investigation is ongoing."


Nina Anne Kramer said...

I don't understand what this world is coming to these days. And I further don't understand how one of the seven students who was African-American was in on this incident. He just reduced his own heritage by participating in a travesty of this sort. It is such a disgrace. And this post is coming from a white woman!

Anonymous said...

I think these incidents are incited by the very people who say they fight to stop them. The more you have people like Jesse Jackson standing up and telling the world how poorly blacks are treated and the demmand for an apology from every person who says something that isn't liked, the more you are going to see this happen. Do I think anyone should be judged on race? No. But I think they need to look at the tension that is being caused and rethink their approch. I think the people who did it should be punished. I bet the blame will be squarely on the white people who acted.

chikenweapon said...
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chikenweapon said...

That's funny, wheres the find the people responsible! Those people need to pay for their crimes? Oh! I know they messed with a black kid this time so its ok. Where's the Front page on this one cnn? Why does this one not go on the homepage like all the other bull you guys put up there? lawlz.X) I bet if it was some poor white kid that had a freakin' African fist drawn on his forehead the entire country would be outraged but nope, just some poor disabled black kid.

Anonymous said...

STOP the jesse and Al marches about black power (white power too)in La. and elsewhere. then their will be no blacklash hate crime s that hurts everybody and stirs the pot. It is brewing with illegals also.

Anonymous said...

Personally i find some deafs racist and narrow minded. They are alas human. The more millitants are no different than the other "oppressed" groups.

I certainly hope the authorities don't treat them like "little dumb children". Deafs like other "oppress" minority groups whine and bitch equally and for too long have been given the silver spoon. So when "they" do something this the piper.

Anonymous said...

That's enough baloney. Some of you are calling deaf people like me disabled. If you call me disabled, then I'll call you disabled. Why? 90% of deaf people can dream in color and 50 or 60% of hearing people dream in black and white. Average deaf child of deaf parents scores higher on IQ than average hearing child of the same age. Deaf people have better periphereal vision. ASL are more concrete and less misunderstood than English. And some more.

Anonymous said...

One of you said that deafs whine for equal and have too long been given silver spoon. Are you saying that we shouldn't whine, so that we won't be equal? Sounds like hate crime on your part. We're not given silver spoon! It's you that's given silver spoon! You play farce. If we have job, that's because we have these abilities, not silver spoon. You're not falsely degraded by forcing you to wear deaf aid daily at many schools and falsely teach you that hearing people are superior, etc, while at the same time you have lousy teachers who aren't fluency in your language. We don't recieve metalinguistic at many schools. You're many times more likely hired for jobs than deafs. So on and on. Tell me who is silver spoon?

martha said...

now this isn't funny. Moreover mostly people are now almost deaf cause of hearing such loud sounds in daily routine. Habits like wearing headphone every time, listening loud music making us deaf.

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