Friday, November 23, 2007

DCPS classrooms to get major overhaul

Thanks to a $4 million initiative every DCPS classrooms will receive a new computer as well as upgrades to the DCPS IT infrastructure.
Vivek Kundra, the city's chief technology officer, said most of the school system's technology is outdated and riddled with viruses. The money will also go toward fixing network cables, power strips and access points so that every classroom teacher and administrator will be able to have and use a computer. The initiative does not cover charter schools.

The computers, 6,356 Dell desktop PCs, were purchased for $628 apiece, officials said. Anacostia Principal Lynne Gober said the computers will be a big morale boost for her teaching staff and will allow every teacher to keep grades and other records electronically. The principal said Rhee had promised over the summer that the school would be outfitted with new technology and that today's announcement showed that the chancellor had followed through.


Anonymous said...
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Teacher Chic said...

My last blog post covers this exact issue. I think these computers were just a waste.

Anonymous said...

I am a DCPS employee who just received a new computer this past week. I am thankful for the computer, but the students at my school have pointed out that they still use computers that take too long to load simple web pages. While outfitting the employees with proper technology is important, I hope that DCPS will not be neglecting the need to provide students with access to appropriate technology as well.