Sunday, March 09, 2008

DCPS spending millions on schools slated to close

Parents of DCPS children have landed documents from a FOIA request that shows the District has spent $14.5 million on facility upgrades on schools that are slated to be shuttered next school year.
D.C. school officials have spent $14.5 million this school year to modernize buildings that will close before summer, according to documents from the school system's facilities office.

School activists criticized the waste of precious dollars on upgrades to sites destined to be shut down.

"This was not a wise use of funds," said Marc Borbely, a former D.C. teacher who runs a Web site devoted to school facility topics. "This irresponsible spending is further evidence that the school closings are not about saving money."

Tony Robinson, spokesman for facilities chief Allen Lew's office, told The Examiner in an e-mail Friday that he wasn't able to release detailed information until next week about the work done to each of the schools slated to close at the end of the school year.

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