Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More on SY2008-2009 budget

Here's a breakout by "cluster" of where all of the DCPS lucre will land.
Budget Total
Headquarters $125,238,852
School-Based Support $406,164,347
Cluster 1$81,159,376
Cluster 2$80,632,309
Cluster 3$78,091,389
Cluster 4$41,455,043
Cluster 5$70,233,941
Cluster 6$46,087,134
Special Education Centers$15,620,843
Lots of good data when you dig down into the school level budget. One of my near term projects is to do some in-depth analysis of what gets spent where.

UPDATE: A commenter has pointed out that these are actually this school year's budget numbers pre the $11 million budget cuts. Sorry for the confusion.

[Hat tip to Anonymous]

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Anonymous said...

This is data for the current school year, 2007-2008 and is not for next year (recently submitted to the Council).

Additionally, this budget data is before the budget cuts to recover the $11 (or more) million shortfall remaining after the emergency additional funding of last fall.

This might make interesting comparisons when the new 2008-2009 budget detail comes out. But it presently does not have any school by school breakout.