Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Charter School: Washington Yu Ying

There's a new charter school opening this fall: Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School.
Washington Yu Ying PCS takes its name — meaning nurturing excellence — from a groundbreaking girls school founded in 1911 in Beijing, China. Established by a former Imperial Lady-in-Waiting, Madame Tzen-Kuei Wang, the Yu Ying School offered classroom education at a time when the centuries-old tutorial system was still the norm in China. The school was a powerful force for educational change in China.

In providing Chinese language immersion in a structured inquiry environment, the founders of Washington Yu Ying PCS have a no less ambitious goal today. As parents and educators with a passion for quality public education and Chinese language and culture, we established Yu Ying on the belief that all DC children have the right to a world class education that opens doors to the future.
[Tip of the hat to reader Gretchen Moore]

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