Monday, March 24, 2008

New Feature: Google Maps

Below is an embedded version of a Google Map that I have put together that shows the location of all of the District's public schools (the map below is pretty crowded at the default zoom level. For a better experience click on the "View Larger Map" link to view a larger version). Clicking on each schoolhouse icon will open a pop-up window with various pieces of information about the school (usually the address and telephone number, in some cases links to external sites). On the full map page you can also scroll through an alphabetical listing of schools on the left hand side of the screen to quickly locate a particular school.

This is version one of the map. The details in each of the pop-up windows contains the information that Google Maps had already collected about the school. For the next iteration of the map I intend to clean up and standardize the type of data shown in the pop-up windows. I am also considering making different icons to represent Elementary, Middle, Junior High and Senior High schools. Finally, I intend to do similar maps for the District's charter and private schools.

If you see any errors or have any suggestions about the maps drop me a line or leave a comment.

UPDATE: Took commenter BrooklandJess's suggestion and changed the markers to denote the type of school:
  • Blue = Elementary
  • Red = Middle
  • Purple = Junior High
  • Red = High School
  • Aqua = Special / Other

View Larger Map

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