Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wilson student gets 15 day suspension for something said off school grounds

Jafaar Mohammad, a Sophomore at Wilson High School, was caught on camera last December at a party making less than flattering comments about an unnamed teacher at his school. Somehow, this has lead to the school suspending Jafaar for 15 days (reduced to 10).
The video that set off the chain of events lasts less than 20 seconds and shows 15-year-old Jafaar making fun of a teacher’s sexual orientation and calling the teacher “the worst teacher ever.”

According to a letter from school performance officer Juliet Neil, the content of the footage became a school matter “when the student e-mailed the information and sent it to staff members.”

Mohammad insists he did not pass the video on to anyone and actually did not view it until he was called into an administrator’s office and questioned about it. He said he does not know who distributed the video.

Theresa Bollech, a parent advocate who has been helping the family, told The Examiner it oversteps the school system’s boundaries to punish a student about something said in a private home.

“The taping of the video incident should have been something that the parents should have dealt with,” she said.

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