Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wilson to get more security

To try to help combat a rise in on-campus violence Woodrow Wilson High School is adding three more security guards to the seven that already patrol there.
Rhee outlined the measures in a letter she plans to mail to parents tomorrow. In the letter, she says she is making the changes to "decrease the incidents of violence and to help all students remain focused on their learning and feel safer in school." Rhee said this was a short-term solution while officials work out "longer term plans to protect our students."

Parents say the problems are related to the transfer of ninth-graders, including older students with behavioral problems, to Wilson.

Mai Abdul Rahman, whose 18-year-old son was assaulted late last month, said she learned from detectives that her son was attacked by 18-year-old ninth-graders.

"They need serious help in terms of counseling and smaller classes," Rahman said. "How many kids are we going to suspend and expel? It's a cycle unless we deal with the issue."

Safety issues are not unusual at or limited to Wilson. In the city's high schools, students pass through metal detectors and visitors show proof of identity and sign in.
You read that right, an 18 year old 9th grader.

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