Friday, April 11, 2008

10 year old dies at LaSalle Elementary School

Tragedy today at LaSalle Elementary School where a 10 year old student died from an apparent heart condition.
A D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman says the boy collapsed Thursday morning during his gym class at LaSalle Elementary School in Northeast.

The boy had a history of heart problems and was complaining of chest pains before he collapsed.

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Anonymous said...

This is of course a tragedy but unfortunately just like NBC and WTOP News, the facts as reported in this blog are incorrect: the student was NOT in gym class when he collapsed (his regular PE class is a Wednesday) and so any implications that his death was related to physical exercise are erroneous- his condition was shared with appropriate staff and students and suitable pre-emptive precautions were always taken in physical settings. The so-called "officials" who apparently made this comment did not include school district personnel but were Fire and EMS who made an erroneous assumption. The student actually collapsed in a hallway between classes none of which was physical. Contacting the Principal, Chancellor's office, or the DCPS Crisis Intervention Team would yield a more accurate report.