Sunday, April 20, 2008

Committee to Save Black Catholic Schools editorial

Speaking of editorials, S. Kathryn Allen, spokesperson for the Committee to Save Black Catholic Schools, has one in the Post questioning the local archdiocese plan to convert private catholic schools over to public charters.


Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that Kathryn never provides any solutions to the issue facing the Archdiocese of Washington. Kathryn is very quick to point the finger, but you would think being an advocate and spokesperson for Save Our Black Catholic Schools, she would want to help to actually save the schools. I would love to hear her ideas on the situation. I doubt she has anything that would be feasible except keep them open. I am certainly not for closing these schools, but I just do not see how the archdiocese can keep the seven schools open with no funds and no financial support from external resources. I believe Wuerl is doing something that should have been addressed years ago. How can a school system continue to float schools that are a majority non-Catholic and fall deeper and deeper in the red? Certainly, Catholics are known to help those less fortunate, Catholic and non-Catholic. But when the support becomes lacking and the students just are not there, how can one say that the school must stay open? Maybe Kathryn can give some good public relations tips to help Catholic schools find the students they need to stay open; maybe Kathryn can help to write about all the facts involved in this situation. I guess for her, it's just easier to point the finger.

Bill said...

I agree with you, anonymous. If it's true that the archdiocese and outside contributors have spent $60 million to keep the Consortium schools open, that just doesn't seem like a sustainable operation. And with the voucher program likely to go away with a Democrat-controlled Congress, the archdiocese had to take a serious look at the schools.

It's unfortunate that the archdiocese and parishes in question couldn't have set aside some endowment money to support the schools. I know parishes in Rockville and Silver Spring that have endowments of $1 million+ to support their parish schools.