Friday, April 04, 2008

Graduation Rates vs. $ spent per student

Two new studies that rank DCPS among its peers.

The first comes from America's Promise Alliance and is titled Cities in Crisis. The report looks at the top 50 urban school districts and rates them on graduation rates. DCPS comes out around the middle of the pack (#22, with 1 having the highest ranking) with a graduation rate of 58.2%, which is above the 50 city average of 51.8 percent.

The second report comes from the US Census and ranks the states by dollars spent by the public school system per student. The latest data is for 2006 and DC ranks 3rd with $13,446 spent per student. As always, when counting DC as a "state" you have to remember that DC encompasses a single, urban district while every other state encompasses many urban, suburban and rural district. Still, it is interesting to see spend more money per student that 48 states, yet, when ranked against those other states in terms of student achievement, they come dead last. Long story short; when it comes to their public school system DC residents are paying Ferrari prices for Yugo quality.

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