Friday, April 04, 2008

H.D. Woodson High School to be demolished

Come Fall H.D. Woodson High School will, at least in its current form, be no more.
D.C. officials say the 35-year-old building in northeast Washington will be torn down to make way for a new school, which is expected to cost $99 million.

School officials say they will begin emptying the seven-story building in June. During construction, Woodson students will be assigned to the old Fletcher-Johnson education center, which was closed in 2006.

The new school will be built on Woodson's football field.


Anonymous said...

As a teacher at Woodson, it's great that Woodson is closing. But I don't understand why the school is being placed in another torn down building. This makes no sense. This school is also an open-space school. This means there are no walls. This also makes no sense. That's probably why half the staff is leaving.

Anonymous said...

Please post the following info:

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Anonymous said...

The new school isn't being built on the football field. It's going on the same portion of the site as the existing building, once all demolition is complete.

Anonymous said...

Also, it's not an open-space school. Each classroom has walls, but there is flexibility being designed into the learning spaces, meaning some adjacent classrooms can be opened into one another. Sounds like half the staff might want to figure out what's going on before leaving.

I assure you this will be the nicest public school in DC.

Anonymous said...

there is no reason h.d shouldv'e been torn down at all. of course there were a few leakage problems during rainy days and some fires but it didnt stop the kids from coming to school. it didn't stop us from learning in and out the classrooms. everyday a student who attended h.d walks pass it they are left with the sight of seeing dirt and rocks everywhere. kids from h.d were always proud to be warriors no matter what they did, thought or said. h.d was the best school and should have never been touched or relocated anywhere. h.d was our home.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see piles of debris and concrete when i had passed by HD Woodson the other day! Being an Alumni of a DCPS High School, it was a shame to see another one of the schools in the District in the process of being torn down once again. I am also an Alumni of Fletcher Johnson Education Center. And for me to find out that school was closed some time ago as well. I think its sad the people of the District probably will no longer be able to see any of the schools they have attended anymore.

Anonymous said...

well i just graduated from h.d woodson and im glad it's knocked down, it deserves to be the way it looks right now torn down!!, that school was a hot mess,and everything about it. good riddance!!

Anonymous said...

well i just graduated from h.d woodson and im glad it's knocked down, it deserves to be the way it looks right now torn down!!, that school was a hot mess,and everything about it. good riddance

Anonymous said...

I attended H.D Woodson SHS in 2001
and I was in the Choir, and I had fun with my friends who also went to Merritt EMS with me. I just wanted to say that even though I left Woodson in my tenth grade year in 2003 woodson was a good school with everyone standing tall with it. I really left because of the fires that we had.I went pass woodson in march and I was like wow they actually knocked the (Tower Of Power) down but I do appreciate all of the staff that taught me when I attended woodson. But I already knew that they were going to rebuild a new school but that was suspose to happen in 2004.but besides everything that happen, while I was there and after I was gone I truly will miss H.D Woodson.

Harold said...

As a alumi of the DCPS system, I am ecstatic to see that H.D Woodson is being renovated! I remember when I first walked in there, it was dark and funky! I attended Eastern and it wasn't in the best shape, but it was a beautiful school! The point I'm trying to make is DCPS is in need of a change and I'm to see it's happening. DCPS was one of the best school systems and have some of the best teachers, but parents don't want their kids to go to schools that have low test scores and student skipping class constantly. DCPS we will get back on top just have patience!!!

KarenButler said...

When I attended H.D., they only accepted the best of the best. If you attended Woodson, you were envied by every other school. The standards were high, and we met them. The teachers were top notch also. It saddens me to see that the school and the students who attended fell below the bar. Now they just let any old scrub attend, and there is no pride in themselves or the school.

Ronika said...

Well this is my last year & I'm in Fletcher Johnson, but I loved the tower. I mean that's what H.D. is...The Tower of Power. No matter what, once a warrior, always a warrior & that's that!!