Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Real cost per student twice as high as reported?

Is the cost per student in DC really twice as high as previously reported? The Cato Institute seems to think so. After crunching the numbers it comes out with a per student grand total of [drum roll please]... $24,600.
To calculate total spending, we have to add up all sources of funding for education from kindergarten through 12th grade, excluding spending on charter schools and higher education. For the current school year, the local operating budget is $831 million, including relevant expenses such as the teacher retirement fund. The capital budget is $218 million. The District receives about $85.5 million in federal funding. And the D.C. Council contributes an extra $81 million. Divide all that by the 49,422 students enrolled (for the 2007-08 year) and you end up with about $24,600 per child.
$24,600 per student buys awful facilities, a bloated central management and the worst scores in the country. Something to remember when filing your taxes next week.

UPDATE: Andrew Coulson, the author of the piece at Cato, has more details on how the numbers break down here and here.

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Anonymous said...

All that money and negative results? Over 80% black? Someone explain this to me, please! I can't write what I'm thinking here in the land of the free for I will be branded RACIST! The truth to many issues in this once great country are frequently overshadowed by political correctness.

Political Correctness suffocates truth.