Monday, April 21, 2008

Tutoring money goes unused

Tens of millions of dollars made available under the No Child Left Behind act to DCPS is going unspent according to city officials.
Only about one in 10 of the District’s public school students who are eligible for free, federally funded tutoring took advantage last year, leaving unspent tens of millions of federal dollars available to improve city performance, officials said.

Half of the city’s students are entitled to receive the tutoring because of the dismal quality of the schools they attend.

A provision of the No Child Left Behind Act requires school systems to pay third-party companies for after-school tutoring that serves schools that have missed federal benchmarks for two years or more.

The problem in D.C., as it is nationally, is that participation is well below where it should be, Shanika Hope of the State Superintendent’s Office told members of D.C.’s State Board of Education on Thursday.

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Roger said...

The problem is not lack of student participation, its program mismanagement.