Monday, April 28, 2008

WTU VP sues union officials, Rhee

Claiming that he was “systematically punished and retaliated against” for his views WTU general vice president Nathan Saunders is suing a number of WTU officials along with Chancellor Rhee.
Named in the lawsuit are Parker, WTU Chief of Staff Clay White, Al Squires and Edward J. McElroy of the American Federation of Teachers (the WTU’s parent organization), four members of the WTU executive board, and three unnamed DCPS employees. The various defendants are charged with offenses including fraud, racketeering, and breach of fiduciary duties. In the complaint, Saunders says he has been exposed to “direct intimidation and retaliation impacting employment benefits, rights and privileges” for speaking out on labor issues, including Rhee’s attempts to reclassify central-office employees as “at-will.”

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