Saturday, May 03, 2008

And then there were five?

Oops. One of non-profits in the running to take over the running of various DCPS schools is in a bit of a pickle.
School activists are buzzing about allegations surrounding the head of St. HOPE Public Schools, one of six nonprofit education organizations that Chancellor Michelle Rhee is considering hiring to overhaul some of the 10 D.C. high schools in restructuring.

Circulating through listserves are articles from the Sacramento Bee alleging that St. HOPE founder and four-time NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson is under federal investigation for having an inappropriate relationship with a teenaged girl -- an allegation which the retired Phoenix Suns point guard denies.

The negative publicity apparently has not hampered plans for Johnson to appear at a meeting Saturday with parents and teachers at Eastern High School, where he is scheduled to describe his school in Sacramento and how his program -- St. HOPE stands for Help Our People Excel --can boost achievement in the troubled Capitol Hill school.

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