Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chancellor Rhee a no-show at Family Reading Night

In his blog ANC2C02 Commissioner Kevin Chapple notes that Chancellor Michelle Rhee was a no show at last night's Family Reading Night.
Rhee was the featured speaker at the event and hundreds of residents jammed the auditorium to hear her speak. Unfortunately, thirty minutes before she was scheduled to speak, and as parents were still streaming in if from a long queue outside, Rhee sent word that she would not attend.

Montgomery school officials had rescheduled this event three times to accommodate the chancellor’s schedule. A CBS Evening News crew arrived at 4:50 with five people as part of an ongoing story they are working on about the chancellor. They spent a lot of time setting up and interviewing staff. They were told at 6:10 that Rhee would not be coming and immediately packed up and left.

Rhee’s absence said more than any of the elegant speeches she has given about raising educational standards. Many Shaw residents will now remember Rhee as the “one who didn’t show up.”
Rhee personally responds in the blog post's comments.
I fell ill yesterday late in the afternoon. While I can try as hard as possible for that not to happen, it’s not something that I can necessarily avoid. Also, I was asked to “drop by” family reading night to read to students. I was not asked to give a speech. It seems that there’s been a lot of miscommunication here.
[via DCist]

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Anonymous said...

An official with some common sense would know that "drop by" means a lot more than just smile and shake hands. When one has an event to attend you show up, otherwise, show some courtesy towards the citizens waiting for your arrival and presence. Rhee does not seem to take her role seriously 24 hours a day. Leaders are role models who set examples for others who look up to them. They are also open minded who not only see what's behind their eyes.