Monday, May 12, 2008

Charter supporters circulating petition to fight possible restrictions

Although there are no formal plans to restrict charter school growth in the District it seems that charter school supporters are circulating a petition to show support for charters in advance of any potential action by the DC Council.
Ariana Quinones Miranda, deputy director of FOCUS, a group that has worked in favor of charters, said that it seemed important to show that, in spite of criticism about charter schools, there are thousands of D.C. families thriving in that system. At this point, 150 people have signed the petition.

"Because it's an election year we thought it would be a good year to show elected officials that there's support," Quinones Miranda told The Examiner. "The growth is worrying some of the council members and the impact they think it will have on DCPS [D.C. Public Schools]. [The petition] is a way to educate them."

D.C. Council members haven't submitted any legislation limiting the expansion of charter schools. But putting a moratorium on new charter school development is an idea that's been hinted at during recent oversight hearings.

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