Thursday, May 22, 2008

DCPS students get lesson in music from jazz greats

In a program run by the Washington Performing Arts Society's Capitol Jazz Project DCPS students are being taught about music in general and jazz in particular.
Some of the best musicians in Washington have been teaching 261 students from a curriculum written by famed jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis.

"With jazz, it's an oral tradition, so it's about listening and repeating, so actually it's a lot like a child learning a language," Antoniuk said.

"We're really honored to have this opportunity," said music teacher Ovetta Lewis. "The children actually have worked really hard through the years, and they really deserve an opportunity like this."

Some of the students knew nothing about jazz when they started the lessons, but the music has emboldened them.

"What I enjoy about this class is being able to learn how to improvise, a new vocabulary," said seventh-grader Tiffany Adams.

Students in the program had the chance to see Wynton Marsalis perform at the Kennedy Center.
Video here.

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