Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rhee "The Hammer" keeps pounding away

Like it or loath it, Michelle Rhee and Mayor Fenty continue to make good on their promise to remake the DC public education system. Today's chapter includes firing 10 of the principals from the batch of 27 schools labeled "failing." Teachers as seven of those schools are also being required to reapply for their jobs in the fall. Finally, 5 DCPS schools will be taken over by charter programs next year.
Thursday morning, city officials announced outside partners would run the five schools; Anacostia, Ballou, Coolidge, Dunbar, and Hart.

"This is not about a frittering around the edges, it is incredibly substantial change that needs to be implemented," said Rhee.

Among partners they're considering is Friendship Charter. It already runs one of the biggest high schools in the city with a 90 percent graduation rate. Under the plan, D.C. would keep it's schools, pay the staff and maintain the buildings while the charter company runs them.

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