Wednesday, May 14, 2008


To protest the upcoming closing of 20+ DCPS school some students are planning to walkout of school on May 23rd.
Fliers being circulated citywide call for a walkout on Friday, May 23, with students urged to descend on Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's office.

This marks the second walkout organized in response to the planned school closures. Howard University students are helping to organize the protest.

Fliers advertising the walkout say the better approach to reform is to fix neighborhood schools, rather than close them.
[snark]Which will be larger: the number of students leaving campus to protest the closures, or the number of students truant on May 23?[/snark]

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Perhaps a walkout is not the best way to approach this. Certain small groups which are ORGANISED should be political and fight for improvement of schools rather than their shut down. A walkout is only giving children and teenagers an excuse to be truant today. My sister is not going to school AT ALL today and doesn't even know about the schools closing down, nor cares. The problem is that too many children are already truant on a DAILY basis from these public schools (which in my opinion is part of the problem and reason why schools are underperforming), and this so-called political attempt is only worsening the problem.

There will definitely be more students playing hookey from school today, than actually participating in the protest in an effective political process. I'd bet everything on it.