Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rhee fires 22 assistant principals

"The Hammer" keeps pounding away. This week's nail: 22 assistant principals.
Mafara Hobson, Rhee's spokeswoman, wrote yesterday in an e-mail: "Both principals and assistant principals serve at the will of the chancellor. The decisions were made based on the chancellor's consultation with principals and instructional superintendents." Hobson said 22 of 60 assistant principals were dismissed. She declined to elaborate, citing personnel policies.

Aona Jefferson, executive vice president of the Council of School Officers, the union representing principals and assistant principals, said 46 dismissals surpass the number of administrative leaders let go during any year in the past.

"They were given no evaluation in some cases," an apparent violation of the contract, Jefferson said, adding that the union has filed a class-action grievance against Rhee.

"All persons have the right to know why they were not reappointed and on what basis were the decisions made," Jefferson said. "These appear to be random, arbitrary, political, discriminatory and personal in nature."

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