Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Teacher Institute update

Looks like time's up for the Teacher Institute vis-a-vis DCPS. Chancellor Rhee has pulled the plug on TI's funding, essentially shutting the non-profit down.
D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee has cut off funding to a teacher training organization that has been paid millions of dollars by the school system, citing questions raised by the city's inspector general and effectively halting the nonprofit operation.

Officials at the Teachers Institute, a literacy training organization funded entirely by District schools and operated by well-known Washington educator Sheila Ford, said they were blindsided by the decision, which went into effect Sunday. They said they had no choice but to immediately suspend their work.
Previous coverage here.


Reuben said...

As a former DCPS teacher who was trained with Teachers Insitute, I can only hope that DCPS renews the contract in a proper way. I found TI to be extremely effective. It helped me to be a much better teacher, led to more enjoyable classes for my students, provided better support than DCPS's mentoring program, and perhaps most importantly for policymakers, I am certain that it was a significant reason why my students' test scores went up (Tyler school was one of the 3 schools whose students improved 20% or more). I'm saddened that previous administration's failures to manage contracts has led to the end of TI and I thank Sheila Ford and the rest of the staff for their genuine efforts --- you made a difference.

Anonymous said...

Who's keeping the payroll of federal tax dollars spent for the DC schools ? The finding was not only contractual but also payment of $112,500 recorded and $150,000 recieved by the program.2.9 million in federal funding ?