Wednesday, July 02, 2008

11 year old left on DCPS school bus

From last Friday (still catching up from the trip):
An 11 year-old is telling his story, after being left on a hot school bus for hours.

His mother is demanding answers while D.C. public schools admit the bus driver made a big mistake.

Kaseem Brown was supposed to be dropped off at the High Road Academy on Kansas Avenue, but ended up at the D.C. Public Schools bus lot two hours later.

"I guess they didn't know I was still on," said Brown.

The boy had fallen asleep on his way to summer school Wednesday morning. He was one of just four students on the bus. But somehow the driver -- and the attendant -- failed to notice when he didn't get off and continued on to the bus lot, where they left the bus and Kaseem behind.

"I woke up, because I was hot and I was sweating. And they locked all the doors and stuff," said Brown.
UG! Not good.

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