Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DC Council approves $125 million in renovation funds

The DC Council approved the transfer of roughly $125 million in funds to DCPS for school renovations. Although the votes was 12-1 in favor of the funding the Council still has issues with with Mayor's office.
But on schools, the council and the Fenty administration continue to be divided. Several council members said they were reluctantly approving the transfer, called a "reprogramming" of funds.

Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D) resisted pressure from the Fenty administration, which had insisted that the council quickly approve the reprogramming and several contracts two weeks ago.

But Gray refused to place all of the school contracts on the council's agenda, saying that the school system had to address the issue of several schools being reconstructed to become pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. He and other council members said that a hearing was necessary because the switch represented a change in education policy, not just a construction project.

"We took the opportunity to be serious about our jobs," Gray said. "To receive contracts . . . and expect someone to approve them in a matter of hours or days is totally ludicrous."

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