Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DCPS a positive example???

After many decades representing the "what not to do" column of most education related studies and articles can it be that someone is looking at DCPS as a model of how to do something right? Apparently so.
THE school system was in desperate need of a shake-up. Schools weren't making the grade, and students weren't learning. "Drastic change is needed because the situation is incredibly dire,” the schools chief said.

Sound familiar? The story had nothing to do with Oklahoma City, but a CBS News report focusing on a major school reforms in Washington, D.C., left us to wonder: If school officials there can trade in slowpoke change for fast-paced reform, why can't Oklahoma City?

Michelle Rhee has been the D.C. schools chancellor for a year. In that time, CBS reported, Rhee shuttered 23 schools, fired more than 100 principals and central office employees and bought out or forced out hundreds of teachers.
The Hammer's getting some love from the heartland.

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