Friday, July 11, 2008

DCPS Teachers Salary

I get hits on this blog on a daily basis from folks searching for salaries for DCPS teachers. I have put together a spreadsheet culled from the Washington Teachers Union website that shows the current salary structure for teachers.

The description of each type of employee is as follows:
B. ET Teachers’ Bargaining Unit All full-time employees and regular part-time employees who work at least one half time in the job classifications listed below:

Attendance Officer ET 15
Audio Visual Coordinator ET 15
Child Labor Inspector ET 15
Counselor (elementary school) ET 15
Counselor (secondary school) ET 15
Curriculum Development Specialist ET 15
Hearing Therapist ET 15
Job Coordinator ET 15
Librarian (elementary school) ET 15
Librarian (secondary school) ET 15
Placement Counselor ET 15
Pupil Personnel Worker ET 15
Psychiatric Social Worker ET 15
Reading Specialist ET 15
School Psychologist ET 15
School Social Worker ET 15
Speech and Language Pathologist ET 15
Teacher (elementary school) ET 15
Teacher (secondary school) ET 15
Junior ROTC Instructors*
(holding at least a Bachelor’s degree) ET 15
Oak Hill Teachers ET 15/12
Mentor Teachers ET 15/12
* fifty-two week positions

C. ET 15/12 Teachers’ Bargaining Unit ET 15/12 employees who work twelve months per year, have the same working conditions as all ET 15 bargaining unit members and are paid on a special salary schedule.
D. EG Teachers’ Bargaining Unit All full-time employees who work a forty (40) hour week and fifty-two (52) weeks a year in a temporary indefinite, probationary, or permanent status, who are rendering educational services and receive compensation pursuant to the “EG” salary schedule, excluding supervisors, management personnel, confidential employees, employees engaged in personnel work other than in purely clerical capacities, employees in the ET bargaining unit, any other personnel currently represented by a labor organization and employees engaged in administering the provisions of Title 1, Section 618 of the D.C. Code, in the job classifications listed below.

Counselor EG 09
Education Technician EG 09
Guidance Counselor EG 09
Instructor EG 09
Teacher (adult education) EG 09
Teacher (bilingual education) EG 09
Teacher (secondary education) EG 09
Teacher (special education) EG 09
Teacher (vocational education) EG 09
Teacher Coordinator EG 09
Training Instructor EG 09
Training Specialist EG 09
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist EG 09
Junior ROTC instructors *
(without a Bachelor’s degree) EG 09
* fifty-two week positions


Anonymous said...

PLease explain what CBU and MAA stand for. I am currently applying for a Career Counselor position and I am not sure which step I would begin at. What is the difference between the top spreadsheet and the bottom spreadhseet? I am assuming this is a 10 month position versus a 12 month position?

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Anonymous asked. What's the difference between the two schedules? And why doesn't anyone, DCPS *or* WTU, have an updated schedule posted anywhere?? (This one's from the 06-07 year.)

Anonymous said...

I am interested in knowing the same information and what the different "Q"s are as well.