Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home schooling rules reinstated

As a reaction to the death of Banita Jacks' four home school children the District has reinstated rules governing the home schooling of DC students.
Among the biggest changes is a requirement that home-schooling parents have a high school diploma and keep a portfolio of their children's work.

The changes bring the District more in line with other cities and follow an effort in California to tighten rules, but home-school advocates criticize the move.

"It's my responsibility to educate my child, not the government's," said Ethan Reedy, president of the D.C. Home Educators Association. "This is my choice."

About 1.1 million children across the country are schooled at home, according to a 2003 Education Department report that provides the most recent numbers. An estimated 130 children are in home schools in the District, but city officials acknowledge that the exact number is difficult to determine because of lax guidelines on reporting such information.

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