Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ATF poll shows resistance to new contract plans

A poll commissioned by the Washington Teacher's Union and its parent, the American Federation of Teachers, is showing a 3-1 margin of disapproval of Chancellor Rhee's proposed new teacher's contract.
The survey of 400 teachers, conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates on August 5-7, challenges Rhee's repeated assertions that teachers heavily favor her pay plan. Teachers who were surveyed urged union leaders by an overwhelming margin (80-17) to preserve their seniority and tenure protections. Under Rhee's proposal, tenured teachers can choose a salary option that offers big raises and performance bonuses, but only if they spend a year on probation, risking dismissal.

Seventy-four percent of teachers called Rhee's plan to fund the raises and bonuses with five years of foundation grants "a very serious concern," because it is not clear where the money will come from later. Seventy-three percent raised the same level of concern about the added authority over personnel decisions that principals would enjoy under the plan.
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Anonymous said...

While it is possible that teachers are opposed to the contract, I doubt you can determine that from the poll, which was extremely slanted and biased against the contract. A sample question was something like:

1) Would you like to get an increase in pay but almost certainly be fired next week, or would you like everything in your school to be perfect, and we'll negotiate a raise for you anyhow...

DC Teacher Chic said...

C'mon, you should have mentioned the fact that the questions in the survey were slanted against the contract proposal. Even George Parker admitted to me, when we sat down with him last Thursday, that the poll was biased.