Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DCPS has a new AD

DCPS has hired former Grambling State University AD Troy Mathieu as its new director of athletics.
The move is a return of sorts to Mathieu's roots. Prior to his arrival at Grambling in 2006, he ran the athletics department for the Dallas Independent School District. In both situations, he often worked with tight budget constraints, and DCPS will be no different.

In 2007, the D.C. system stretched a $3.188 million sports budget for grades 4 through 12 at more than 140 schools. Local officials recently approved an increase in funding.

Mathieu came to Grambling after administering a 19-person department in inner-city Dallas with a 2005 budget of $4.7 million — slightly less than GSU’s total operating sports revenues in 2004 of $5.5 million.

Cutbacks in staffing could also be an issue in his new role. From 1991 through last year, the DCPS athletics office has dwindled from seven full-timers handling transportation and games, providing event security and hiring officials to just four.

He leaves Grambling having brought in seven current coaches, a compliance officer, a top trainer, and restocking the sports information office.
A pretty impressive resume. We wish him well.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for hiring Troy Mathieu. Grambling students, alumni, fans and administration really, really thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Troy is out of there. The guy spent his whole time looking for another job.