Sunday, August 17, 2008

FastCompany on Rhee

"The Hammer's" media blitz continues. This time its an in-depth profile of Rhee and DCPS by Jeff Chu at FastCompany magazine. Its too long to summarize, so I'll just quote my favorite line:
"An unfortunate reality about large urban districts," says Kent McGuire, dean of Temple University's education school, "is that they're set up to satisfy the adults who work in them, not the kids they're supposed to serve. Kids don't vote."
Read the whole thing.


dc604 said...

This article was great. I really like your blog, please keep it up. This is where I check when I can't find updates on the DCPS or Union websites!

mzblackteacher said...

This article was great. I am anxious to see how this plays out this year in Washingont D.C. This might be the blueprint for all failing urban school districts.