Friday, August 29, 2008

Fenty a target of union ire

During this week's Democratic convention Chancellor Rhee and Mayor Fenty took part in a panel discussion about education with NYC Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer and the Rev. Al Sharpton. According to various reports the teachers unions came under a lot of fire from the panelists, and the panelists were heartily cheered by a mostly Democratic audience. Strange days indeed.

Well, the unions are fighting back.
D.C.’s union bosses shifted their fight with Mayor Adrian Fenty to the Democratic National Convention, slamming the District’s chief executive as an anti-labor leader who ignores the plight of workers.

Full-color fliers being handed out in Denver condemn the “image-conscious Fenty” as a “budget-shattering, union-busting, promise-breaking political boss whose poor performance and bad management are costing DC taxpayers millions of dollars.”

The Metropolitan Washington Council AFL-CIO also chided the mayor for the “badly bungled” summer jobs program and castigated his administration for ignoring unions, the D.C. Council and community groups in policy decisions. The flier, which dubs Fenty the “un-reformer,” promises to “expose his anti-union, anti-democratic record whenever he campaigns around the country.”

Fenty’s “hostility to workers and unions is completely at odds with the Democratic Party’s long-standing commitment to these major constituency groups,” Joslyn N. Williams, metropolitan council president, said in a statement.

“The handouts from the union are consistent with the First Amendment,” Fenty responded in a statement. “Everyone has a right to their opinion.”
Both the Quick and the Ed and Matthew Yglesias weigh in on the subject.

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