Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Homeschooling update

The Post looks at the new regulations passed by the District's State Board of Education that tightens governance around home schooled children.
A parent who wants to home-school a child in the District needs to give written notice 15 days before taking a child out of public school, and have a portfolio of the student's work available for review, according to new rules put in place by the state superintendent of education.


According to the regulations, state board officials can review each portfolio up to twice a year. If officials determine that students are not receiving "thorough, regular education," the board will notify the parent their instruction is deficient.

The parent then has 30 days to amend the curriculum and present an action plan. If the plan is deemed unacceptable, the state board will issue a letter of noncompliance. Parents have the right to appeal the board's ruling.

Parents who remain in deficiency after a final decision by the state superintendent will be required to enroll the children in a traditional school within 45 days.

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