Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is there a Plan B in the WTU contract negotiations? UPDATE: Strike?!?

That's that the City Paper is reporting. Apparently Rhee mentioned the possibility during her participation in an education panel in Denver. Unfortunately, its not saying what Plan B entails. The Post's David A Nakamura, who was at the event, has more.

UPDATE: News4 may have an idea about Plan B: Bypass The Union.
Rhee told News4 she will impose the reforms if teachers don't soon approve a new contract that grants much higher pay in exchange for tougher employment standards -- even for veteran teachers.

"The bottom line is I think they have a decision to make, and from our standpoint, we're ready to move on," she said.

Rhee said she has authority to impose new teacher standards that could lead to dismissals or other staff changes.
WTU President George Parker has not ruled out a strike if a new contract isn't ratified.

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