Friday, August 22, 2008

Lew comes out swinging

Responding to his critics (i.e. DC Councilman Gray) D.C. school construction chief Allen Y. Lew came to his own defense regarding the state of DCPS facility upgrades.
"All the back and forth on the council didn't help," Lew said yesterday as he inspected Eliot-Hine Middle School, where 700 student lockers delivered overnight from a Lancaster, Pa., supplier were being installed because another shipment from China will not arrive on time.

Lew was referring to the D.C. Council's decision to delay approval of some construction funding because of questions about cost and educational policy. Lew said the deliberations made a tight schedule even more difficult, forcing his office to issue two-week "stop work orders" at several sites.

"I was hoping that matters could have been resolved more quickly," said Lew, who was barred by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's office from talking to a Washington Post reporter Tuesday.

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