Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Renovations not complete

With school starting in less than 5 days some DCPS facilities won't have their renovations complete before students begin showing up.
Allen Y. Lew, executive director of the District's Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization, said in a statement that the problems will not prevent students from attending school but that there might be "some things that roll into the school year." Any remaining work will be done after school hours, he said.

Two schools visited yesterday, Browne and Eliot-Hine, were virtually uninhabitable. Thick construction dust wafted through corridors cluttered with old and new furniture. Scores of classrooms remained stripped bare, awaiting floors, new paint and electrical fixtures. "Replace 18 lights," read one sign taped to a classroom door at Browne. Auditoriums were filled with floor-to-ceiling scaffolding and are missing seats.

Yesterday was the first day for teachers to arrive and begin preparing their classrooms. But at Eliot-Hine, a merger of two middle schools, staff members were barred from the building because of conditions inside. Outside, Eliot-Hine's athletic field and parking lot were almost filled with construction trucks and equipment.

At Emery, old, damaged student lockers sat in large piles near the front entrance.
Not the best start to this new academic year. More at Fox5.

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Jane said...

The Eliot building was so crappy and run down. Thank goodness they're finally doing some major renovations to it! I'd rather see them do a great job even if it doesn't end when the school year opens vs. a hurried job. Good luck Eliot Hine!