Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rhee: "I've got a plan"

Chancellor Rhee has presented a plan to private donors outlining her vision for DCPS in hope of raising $200 million in private sector donations.
The blueprint, circulated in private meetings and obtained by The Washington Post, calls for saving more than $90 million dollars in tuition and transportation costs through 2013 by bringing about 2,000 special education students, now in private schools, back to city schools. The plan does not specify how the children, who received private placement because the city could not meet their physical or emotional needs, will be served.

Rhee also envisions a $28 million savings by relocating the system's central offices on North Capitol Street, possibly to a former school building, and $121 million over five years from the recent round of school closings and consolidations. Overall, the financial plan assumes that during the five-year period in which private foundations carry a significant load, Rhee will extract about $300 million in savings from a school system critics have long described as notorious for squandering money.

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