Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some DCPS teachers don't know which school to report to

DCPS facilities don't seem to be the only thing incomplete mere days before the beginning of a new school year. According to the Washington City Paper some teachers still have no idea where they'll be teaching in four days.

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Anonymous said...

Here we go aain. The Same DCPS, new chancellor or not. This happens every year.
I would like to add that it has been reported to both the union and asst state superindentant office, that one yesterday when teachers reported back to the school site and were greated by the "NEW BLOOD" principals. It was not a happy situation. Things begain to escalate in to heated arguments. To mention the New Principal at Charles Hart Middle school in SE was TAPED, STATING THAT TEACHERS HAD TO ADHERE TO A her DRESS CODE, (no jeans etc) IF THEY DIDNT THEY WOULD BE FORCED INTO A SCHOOL UNIFORM or not paid. It is clearly that this a clear violation of the union contract. There were instances were the other assistant principals were observed yelling and screaming, or belittling the staff. Working conditions at this school are hinderous, over half the school is in special education, living below poverty etc. Many of the teachers at the school chose to stay at work with the youth of this community. Ms. Webster who is noted to be from Baltimore, has demonstrated no respect for teachers or union contract.
It is also has been noted that a proposed inclusion model has been suggested. Many of the students are reading at 3rd grade or in some instances 1st level and place them in a classroom full of students and expect full performance is academic susicide. Advocates and attorneys are waiting for this one. This inclusion practice is being implemented with no training being provided. Ms. Webster and her staff are cooking up a reciepe for disaster. This is DCPS, not Baltimore and attorneys feed on mishaps such as this.
Many of the teachers are preparing to file a grievance against her and her staff. WOW! and this is just the first day.. Many of the teaching staff are questioning the qualifications of the new principals that Ms. Rhee has chosen or if she just hired NEW BLOOD to save money... HMMM!!!