Sunday, August 17, 2008

W. Wilson's new principal: "We have to establish law and order"

Woodrow Wilson Senior High School's new principal is talking tough about his new assignment.
New Woodrow Wilson principal Peter J. Cahall says he intends to shape the Tenleytown school into "the model urban high school in the United States."

The former Montgomery County principal and administrator makes no secret of what he regards as his first priority. "We have to establish law and order," he said in an interview yesterday. "The adults have to be in charge."

That wasn't always the case last year at Wilson, where fights and assaults caused Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee to intervene and briefly confine students to eating boxed lunches in their classrooms. They later responded by streaming onto the football field in protest.

Cahall, 44, a one-time wrestling coach who stands 6'4" and-a-half and sports a Fenty-style shaven head, has no trouble projecting authority. He said he is starting with a revamped dress code that includes no hats, no visible undergarments, nor T-shirts with obscenities.

When students are suspended they are more likely to serve out the time in school or at an off-site location where they can continue their schoolwork. Sending kids home is no answer, he said.


mzblackteacher said...

I bet the new principal is 6'4! Its going to take a minute to get the kids on board especially the older ones. Once he has everyone on board, and he is consistent with every staff member, student and parent, things will change for the better. He should institute a dress code for the entire school< different uniforms for each grade. Let the kids for each grade come up with a uniform that they like.

Fatima said...

I think the principal is taking the right approach. It starts at the top and the message should trickle down to all staff teachers, paraprofessionals, clerical staff, the lunchroom staff, Parents! Everyone has to be involved. Schools, Communities and Families.