Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog roundup

Talk about all things DC education from around the blogosphere:
  • Tim at The 42 blog got to take a tour of the Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering Career High School and has a great post about it.
  • The Quick and the Ed takes a look at this years DC voter guide
  • Blog Fight: The Chancellor's New Clothes take me to task for being not only pro-Rhee/Fenty (guilty) but a PR website for them (not guilty*) and removing a comment they left on a post that I cited them in (laughably wrong. If you actually clicked on the link they provided it showed their comment, unmolested). This was shown as proof that.. well, I'm not quite sure beyond "Rhee's bad." The original piece could have been found here, but you'll notice that the link is dead. That happened soon after I pointed out in the comment section that the offending comment had never been removed. I was lucky enough to grap a couple of screenshots of the original article, which you can see here. Irony of ironies, in sending the post down the memory hole the CNC is guilty of doing precisely what they (erroneously) accused me of.
Also, make sure you visit the bloggers listed in the DC Teachers section of links to the right. There is a great new class of bloggers this year, along with some folks who have been blogging for years. They've always got great posts and are worth your patronage.

* Of course maybe Fenty and Rhee own a time machine, traveled back in time to have me start this rinky-dink blog three full years before Fenty even became mayor in order for me to lay the groundwork for their dastardly plans. Yeah, that's the ticket!

UPDATE: CNC respond in the comments.


avoiceinthewilderness said...

Actually, I apologized first and then took the link down.
I hoped you saw the apology, but thought it best to delete the post.
I am apologizing again.
I definitely over-reached on this one.
My over-zealousness definitely got the best of me on this one.

Anonymous said...