Friday, October 17, 2008

DCPS Transportation manager Michelle Smith taking kickbacks?

That's what the Courthouse News website is reporting Haitian employees are charging.
WASHINGTON (CN) - Haitian employees claim in a federal class action that DC Public Schools Transportation manager Michelle Smith demanded kickbacks of $50 to $150 per pay period from workers who wanted to work overtime. Plaintiffs say only Haitian workers were subjected to this treatment, at the New York Avenue Terminal.

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L. Schmidt said...

This comes as no surprise! We've been following DCPS Transportation's culture of criminals for years. Smith's boss, David Gilmore, forced her to resign or terminated her services as of Oct. '08. The Haitian workers should be commended. Nevertheless, it is the culture of Transportation to retaliate against person(s) who bring attention to Transportations fraud waste, and or abuse.